滚球App下载 Conservatoire of 音乐 and 跳舞 welcomes enquiries and applications from disabled students.

Candidates will be judged solely on their technical and academic potential, and on the appropriateness of the chosen programme to meet your needs.

滚球App下载 has considerable experience in supporting students with a range of disabilities including sensory impairment, neuro-diverse conditions, 心理健康问题, long-term illness and mobility difficulties.


滚球App下载 invites disabled applicants to contact the Head of 学生服务 & 可访问性 to discuss any particular requirements you may have in relation to your enquiry, 应用程序或试镜, 和面试.

Questionnaire for New Students

Before students start on a course they are asked to complete the below online questionnaire:


Find our DSA NMH Rates here



  • 一对一的支持
  • 帮助宣称的好处
  • 诵读困难的支持
  • On-site needs assessments


  • Traffic-free sites, automatic doors
  • Lifts with spoken announcements
  • 访问ible accommodation
  • Wheelchair accessible local transport
  • 灵活的时间安排


  • Extra time for some assessments
  • 访问ible assessment methods
  • Reasonable adjustments to accommodate needs


  • Disability awareness training for staff
  • Confidential disclosure process
  • Written guidance for staff


  • 盲文技术
  • 可调节的工作站
  • Specialist dyslexia software on all computers

Disabled Students’ Allowance (19/20)

As a higher education student living in England, you can apply for a Disabled Students’ Allowance (DSA) if you have a:

  • 残疾;
  • long-term health condition;
  • mental health condition; and/or
  • specific learning difficulty such as dyslexia

Below is a link to the form you will need to complete to applied for DSA, there are specific to your funding body.

Download forms for Disabled Students’ Allowance

International Disabled Students

There may be some funding which is specific to your country, it is worth getting in touch to check whether or not you country has any specific schemes in place.


Head of 学生服务 & 可访问性
Tel: +44 (0)20 8305 4418
电子邮件: j.hitchins@cepat-sukses.com