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At Trinity Laban School of Music and Dance, London's creative arts academy, you will be joined by a vibrant and friendly group of students and staff from around the world who are passionate about excellence, innovation and collaboration。Our diverse student body includes young artists from over 60 countries,People from all over the world are welcome to apply。

The following pages are for prospective students and their parents to guide you in your application。For further questions or assistance, please send email to china@cepat-sukses.com / WeChat: chensifan003

"The academic environment and the standard of teaching are fantastic。我觉得这是我的人生和职业生涯中最重要的时期(……)我认为,如果能入读Trinity Laban,就千万不要错过。”

Li Gen, Independent Study Course: 2015-2016 Advanced class

Choose a Dance major

Join our wonderful dance academy to meet the technical and creative challenges and discover your talents。Our team of artists and teachers will nurture your potential and help prepare you for a professional career。Our heritage is rooted in the innovative ideas of Rudolf Laban, and we will continue to be at the forefront of dance。Our advanced professional facilities combined with our innovative spirit will provide you with a truly modern training experience。

The work of our world-class experts in dance science is an important part of our academic life at the School of Dance。Our staff provide injury prevention training so that you can safely train to fulfill your dancer potential。In addition, modern dance students will have the opportunity to participate in research projects for dance science students, helping this growing group of professional students。

Read about the various dance classes we offer here。

Learn about our foundation courses for international students: Modern Dance and English。

Choose a Music major


  • 作曲
  • jazz
  • 键盘
  • Music education
  • 弦乐
  • Vocal music study
  • Wind, brass and percussion

Trinity Laban's School of Music brings together a dedicated and creative staff and students who are reinterpreting what it means to be a musician in today's world。No matter which department you join, you will have access to one on one professional tutor to help you develop skills and skills。We will encourage you to develop your own artistic ideas, provide you with performance opportunities and help you master the necessary skills to succeed in today's music industry。

Our belief in the value of diversity is reflected in the composition of our faculty and student body and in our curriculum。We encourage you to think outside the traditional repertoire and boldly across many different genres and musical styles。In March 2018, we won international acclaim for our Venus Blazing music season, in which at least 50 percent of the work was written by female composers。

Read about the various music courses we offer here。

Learn about our international hereStudent Foundation Certificate courses: Music and English。

"At Trinity Laban, we have always been able to cultivate creativity while accumulating rich experience in music performance。But the school doesn't just provide the training needed to become a musician. The school's curriculum also helps prepare students for careers。

Melody Lam (Melody Lin)(Taiwan), Master of Cello Music

Fees and Grants

Course fee

Fees for international students are included in our fee schedule:

Grants and Scholarships

Trinity Laban also offers someFunding opportunitiesAnd offers a variety of awards and scholarships to students every year。

The cost of living

Living in London is a wonderful opportunity, but there are financial factors to consider。For a breakdown of general living expenses, seeThe cost of living

Parents know

Leaving home to study can be a big change, and adjusting to a new life in another country can be daunting。At Trinity Laban, we are committed to providing your child with the best possible support so that both you and your child can feel confident about the wonderful journey ahead。

Our students and staff come from all over the world and your children will benefit from being part of a truly friendly and supportive international community。The following are just some examples of the support we provide to students:

Support services

We have a friendly student support team to ensure that your child will have a fulfilling and meaningful stay at our school。

Support services include:


  • A complete orientation package upon arrival, including help finding accommodation, opening a bank account and registering at a police station (if required)
  • Advice on registering with a doctor
  • Personal counsellor
  • English Language Support
  • Advice on many different topics is confidential and neutral, including financial advice on grants, grants and finances
  • Free counseling
  • The priest service
  • Support for students with disabilities


Trinity Laban Health Center

  • Our campus clinic specializes in health assessment and nursing treatment for performing artists。Student discounts are available for all paid treatment programs
  • An advanced fitness room open to students
  • Help and advice on demand
  • Music and dance classes are paired with Pilates, yoga and fitness (depending on the needs of the specific discipline) to support and complement the specialized study

Career opportunities

Trinity Laban consistently has one of the highest rates of undergraduate employment and further study of any UK university or art school。

"We graduated 97 out of the last three years.7% were successfully employed or further studied six months after leaving school。”

(Source: Higher Education Statistics Agency, 2018)

All of our courses of study are carefully designed to equip our students with the knowledge and skills necessary for future careers in the music, dance and music theatre industries。In addition to teaching subject knowledge and performance skills, we equip students with vital business skills, self-promotion skills and self-employment skills。Thanks to our partnerships with many local and international organizations, our students have access to a wide range of industry contacts and contacts

"Ninety-three percent of our alumni believe that their professional success is entirely or in part due to their training at Trinity Laban。”

(2015 Alumni Survey) 


London is a great place to live for students。Whether your child chooses to live in our dormitory or decides to rent their own house, we can help students find accommodation that meets their needs

Dormitory building

McMillan Student Village is a privately-owned Student accommodation located just a short walk from Trinity Laban and conveniently located by metro, rail and bus。All of the dorms are beautifully designed and decorated in a modern style. All are single ensuite rooms with broadband Internet access。Security features include a 24-hour reception area。查看Learn more here。

Private accommodation

If you choose private accommodation, you have more freedom to choose where to live, the facilities you value and how you spend your budget。For more information, check it out这里。

Any other questions?Please email our dedicated admissions team at:contact@cepat-sukses.com


study in london 479x375

Choose to enjoy life in London

Trinity Laban is based in London, right in the heart of the British performing arts scene。London is home to some of the world's best artists, orchestras and dance troupes, agents and publishing houses。The city also has hundreds of performance venues, making it an ideal place for people to learn, grow and be inspired。

London is a vibrant, cosmopolitan city。London has more international students than any other city in the world。Visitors to London can quickly assimilate and feel at home in a short time。There are six airports in the city, making it easy to travel to and from all parts of the world。In fact, it takes just over two hours by train from London to Paris!

Our four campuses are in Greenwich, Deptford, New Cross and Blackheath, all in the exciting south-east of London。These vibrant and unique neighbourhoods are adjacent -- upscale Greenwich to edgy Deptford in just 10 minutes。Prices in south-east London are also much lower than in central London, but it is only 15 minutes away by train。 

At Trinity Laban, you can truly enjoy the best of both worlds of downtown and suburban living!

London is the world's premier student city

(QS Best Student City 2018)

international students 479x375

Choose to network internationally

Our student body is made up of artists from over 60 countries。Our school has established partnerships with top art education institutions around the world, including Beijing Dance Academy, Taipei City University, University of Florida and Rutgers University。Every year, we send students Abroad through programs like Study Abroad and Erasmus+。Such programmes also provide opportunities for many students from outside the UK to study at Trinity Laban。Participating in these cooperative programs can help you broaden your horizons, whether it's traveling abroad or meeting people with different experiences and fields of expertise on campus。 

Our school cooperates with more and more international organizations to exchange ideas and practices and strive to provide the best training for you。We are constantly looking for opportunities for you to participate in multicultural performance programs。Artists from all over the world come to Trinity Laban to help you strengthen your learning through master classes, workshops and lecture presentations。

"The classes at Trinity Labon were really interesting because they were so different from what I was used to in Germany, they had a lot more options。It was great to meet other international students and exchange experiences."

Claudia Zimmermann (Germany), Bachelor of Music, Viola

Choose inspiring campus Spaces

Whether you are in Greenwich, Deptford or New Cross, you can enjoy the sound of light and music emanating from campus buildings。Campus Spaces inspire creativity and enthusiasm in our students, which are essential qualities for success。

King Charles Court

King Charles Court

Our conservatory is housed in a World Heritage building, a magnificent building with a history of 300 years。It was designed by Sir Christopher Wren and is located on the banks of the Thames in Greenwich。Our students have access to our first-class rehearsal and performance rooms, professional quality recording facilities and well-stocked library。

Laban Building

Laban Building

If you are a dance major, Deptford is your campus。The winning Laban building was designed by Herzog architects & De Meuron, the studio behind London's Tate Modern and Beijing's Olympic "Bird's Nest" national Stadium。The Laban Building is a world-class dance training centre with 13 function rooms, two theatres, a health centre and the largest dance library in Europe。

Laurie Grove

Laurie Grove

As well as training at Prince Charles Court and Laban House, musical theatre students often use rollin House in New Cross。With six airy function rooms and a modern performance space, rollin House is an ideal venue for workshops and rehearsals。



Choose professional Training

As a student of Trinity Laban, you have access to a large lineup of professional artists and teachers from all over the world。They will help you develop skills and techniques, master professional knowledge, and discover your unique ideas as an artist。You will communicate with top industry experts, get their guidance and support during your learning process, and gradually become a comprehensive and creative artist。

The school is proud to have established partnerships with leading arts and educational institutions around the world。These partnerships have yielded fruitful results, including exchange programs, professional internships, and joint performance series。Work with professionals in your field of passion to prepare you for your post-graduation career。

Our professional partners include but are not limited to:

  • BBCBBC Concert Orchestra
  • Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra
  • Candoco Dance Company
  • Company Wayne McGregor
  • English Touring Opera
  • The London Philharmonic Orchestra
  • Southbank Centre
  • Tate Modern 

Trinity LabanThe pursuit of artistic innovation and excellencePlayed an extremely important roleTo make our work available to the world。

韦恩·McGregor (Wayne McGregor)Commander of the British Empire(CBE)Recipient, Wayne·McGregorThe dance companyChoreographer and artistic director, resident choreographer of the Royal Ballet

CoLab 2017

Choose to work together

CoLab is our unique festival of activities to promote the spirit of collaboration。For two weeks each spring, more than 800 dance, music and musical theater students come together to work on original projects。You will work with your fellow students to push the boundaries of their own art forms and in the process be mentored by trinity Laban's professional mentors and guest artists from around the world。At the end of this festival of activities, students will have the opportunity to perform their own works, showcasing their creative talents in this wonderful way。

CoLab is becoming increasingly international。In recent years, there have been a variety of projects, for example, our students learned flamenco dance in Madrid, cooperated with Cuban guitarists, and even cooperated with students from Poland, Belgium and Taiwan!

“COLab让我有机会尝试我在国内从来没做过的事,例如组织一场有现场音乐伴奏的舞蹈表演…… 我学到了一件事:现场演奏音乐和舞蹈这两个学科可以呈现在同一个舞台上,也应该呈现在同一个舞台上。They don't have to be presented as separate entities, but if they are woven together in the same performance, it can be amazing。”

Peter Gn (Singapore), MASTER of Arts choreography

Asia audition

We hold auditions in various countries in Asia each year and take a personalised approach, considering each application on its own merits。For more information about our requirements for admission in your country, please contact usadmissions@cepat-sukses.comOr contact an education counselor in your country。

You can also click on these links to see about allMusic courseDance lessonsFull details of audition requirements。

How to apply for

To find out the date and venue of our next auditions in your country, you can go to our "Auditions In Asia" page (i.e这里) View all relevant information。

If you want to get an audition, you must go to the recruitment service platform of the Music and Dance AcademyUCAS ConservatoiresTo apply for。

UCAS Conservatoires is an online recruitment service that deals with applications to UK music and dance universities。Please note when submitting your application that UCAS Conservatoires is T75。

Get help in your country

We have educational representatives in many countries who can assist you with application and audition requirements。Browse ourAsian audition page, check out our list of co-educational institutions

Important information

Any other questions?For more information about auditions in your country, please email toasia@cepat-sukses.com


"My studies at Trinity Laban provided the foundation for me to embark on a professional dance career。The school exposed me to many outstanding artists,People like Pablo Bronstein, Rosemary Butcher, and Yvonne Rainer,Some of them I've been working with for years now。“

Rosalie Wachfried (Rosalie Wahlfrid)American), independent dance artist
Bachelor of Dance Theater in 2010, Master of Creative Practice in 2016